“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible”.

- Tony Robbins -
Today coaching is used in every single aspect of your life; private, professionally or even in sports. A simple definition would be exchange “have the power over” to “feel the power inside”.
And how does this work? A simple answer!

Describe it…?

It starts with a process of awareness, with the purpose of getting clarity over your choices and decision regarding the path you should follow. The next step is acting and be happy.

Achieve goals, follow the path from start to finish. It is important to know where we are at this present moment. The next step is to know where we want to go, in other words the start. Next question is; what am I able to reach …?

This would be the next definition!

J4G is focused on streamlining this process by ensuring a high level of commitment, allowing that every action is aligned with the purpose of each client.

When does it….?

Every person is an individual. Its rhythm is a natural process. Some people with a high level of suffering seeking for help in their state of despair. Other on the other hand want to challenge themselves to change or achieve other type of results or fulfillment their lives.

How does it…?

It can happen in individual sessions, in person or by skype.

Describe it…?

If your company stands out by the difference of its products or services in the existing market at national and international level but has not yet demonstrated it. Profitability is the watchword. We know that companies are people and that they reflect the result through their employees. J4G believes and knows that we can improve the relationship of all key points – employees, customers or business partners. We are focused on people and so we achieve profitability, that is, the overall improvement in companies. Imagine you can improve your company and still have the possibility to get to know your employees better, their human needs and how to meet those needs in order to achieve a common goal.

How we do it…?

  • We provide quality and specific consulting and Mentoring services for each employee.
  • We have the resources to improve the effective communication, improving time and energy
  • We align internal and external communication – You know the flow of your business?
  • We focus commercial teams on individual and collective results and goals
  • We identify the needs and personal profiles of each employee
  • We are focused on improving your business!

    Describe it….?

    If you have goals that are related to sports or high-performance sports leadership, we can help you in achieving the next level.

    Sports Goals are a passion that I particularly have for sports. Practiced different types of sports for 25 years as active football player, gives me an inside experience and specific trainings skills.

    Not to mention acquired training in sports psychology, that provides an ideal program who wants to go beyond!

    Challenge yourself!

    Take advantage of your Potential!

    And the return….?

    • High performance sports leadership
    • Mental strength in athletes
    • Mental strength in high-performance teams
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Motivational resources
    • Generational resources

    “Making GOALS Happen!”